A downloadable educational game for Windows

Thise is the beta for my encryption game where you will learn howto encrypt messeges. In this beta version you have only bianry to chose form and 3 levels, along with 3 how to pages on binary coding. Please let me know if you find any bugs or have future solutions. The next update will include 3 new Binary levels and 3 letter substitution levels along with 3 leter substitution how to pages. This program was created using Visual Basic 2014.

If this games goes well i will produce more educational games as part of a fun and learn series.

This game is a product of Runescapefar Production all rights reserved. All content was created by me and me alone.

*Note: Version fixed the problem with the text disapering from the binary101.

Install instructions

just click on the .exe file. ignore the anti virus notification as i can assure this game contains no malware.


Encryption_game.application_V_2_0_0_2.exe 5 kB
Encryption_game_V_1_0_0_5.exe 87 kB

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